The more you remember the more you can remember.
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According to the experts, “India will be known as the ‘Youngest Country’ by the year 2020.” It means, today’s young generation will be the real strength of India. But now-adays we can see that our younger generation has some kind of a burden of their studies. So SUCCESS ALLIANCE introduces a Memory Enhancement Program to lessen the burden and to take appropriate steps towards our National Treasure i.e. our youngsters.
“QUALITY STUDENT MANAGEMENT” is the basis of our training programme which helps you to develop extra-ordinary memory, which would enable you to work smarter than harder to achieve the maximum in your life. SUCCESS ALLIANCE puts together a unique, comprehensive & practical memory development programme to bring out the best in the younger generation.
ANY TIME MEMORY – a Memory Enhancement Workshop.
To bring out the talents of young citizens of tomorrow with the help of Next Generation Education.
To build success careers of students whom we meet, by helping them to face “demanding and challenging” situations through our value based programmes and products.
To create bright and curious students and to provide them a stimulating environment to learn and interact with one another.
To educate students with “Memory Games” that provide fun learning opportunities.
ATM – 1 SILVER CARD - 2 days (4 hrs. each) workshop
In this workshop, we help you to activate left & right hemispheres of the brain. A must attend session for every student & parents. This training programme teaches you world’s famous & effective Memory Development Skills.
What will you get from this workshop?
Effective Concentration Technique
Art of memorizing every Chapter of syllabus
Meditation & Relaxation Techniques
How to avoid mugging.
How to develope hope for the future.
How to maximize learning potential.
Vocabulary Technique
  & many more…
ATM – 2 GOLDEN CARD - 2 days (4 hrs. each) workshop
In this workshop, we make Fun & Entertainment with the Chief Architect of our life - ‘BRAIN’. It is a springboard from which we can leap into the magical world of genius. This is an essential workshop for students, parents, teachers, employees, business people, professionals, insurance agents & those who have silver memory card.
What will you get from this workshop?
Self Esteem – how to know yourself.
Art of memorizing every chapter of syllabus.
Map Technique – how to remember words in any manner.
N-W method – to progress in any field of your life.
Colour Game – how to improve your observation.
Mirror Matching – how to burst your tension.
Advance Meditation Technique – how to melt your stress.
Get equipped with high energy, mind power & positive attitude.
Learn with scientifically proven strategies to score the maximum with minimum efforts.
Students of some of the schools / colleges / classes are already on the path of Success after having attended our WORKSHOPS.