Early to bed and early to rise continues to be the best way to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
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We believe that health is often taken for granted. Only when someone has become serious ill, people realize the true importance of their health. Nowadays there is a tough competition in the market as the world is constantly changing thus people are fighting to keep their jobs and solve their bread and butter issue forgetting how important their health in a stressful environment.
Money cannot buy health despite having the ability to acquire the best medical system however; money is earned through hard work. If our health is affected, how would we be able to concentrate on our work? Therefore it is vital that we remain healthy so that we can focus on our work to put food on the table.
This healthy workshop will not only make free of illness; but develop great health & vitality in you. In this workshop, feel the pure & blessed energy to cure chronic diseases. It will develop positive health leading to more productive & enjoyable life. Medical science may add years to your life but this training module will certainly help you to add LIFE to those years.
Good habits to Food Habits
Master the art of loving yourself
The Body Language of the mind
Auto Suggestion Technique
The pain relief - Techniques
Meditation Technique