“Will I succeed?” Is always a wrong question we ask to ourselves. The correct one is, “When and How big will that success be?"
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Success Stories
Mr. Manoj Patil,
Profession : Professor & Director, Organization : Vilekar Educare
I used to do everything on my own.
I was directionless & goalless.
My staff was always scared of me. So I was not getting my expected work to be done.
Last year annual turnover- Rs. 6 Lacs.
I have delegated some non-revenue activities & I got time for new projects.
Now I learnt how to treat the support staff. So my productivity increased thrice & helped me to develop pleasant working environment.
Achieved turnover of Rs. 20 lacs putting organised efforts in 2010-2011.
Dr. Raju Thakur,
Profession: Doctor
Low in confidence.
Being a doctor, I didn’t have enough time for my family.
I used to underestimate my ability; so I was in a shell.
Monthly income of Rs. 1 lac.
Confidence has gone sky high.
After applying the principles of module, 21 days magic; my personal & professional life is balanced.
This training programme helped me to frame my long pending goals of career throughout India & abroad.
After THE SUCCESS HIGHWAY monthly income has gone to Rs. 3 lacs.
Mr. Shobit Mathur,
Profession: Director, Height Garments & co.
I was kind of narrow minded person.
Not working in an organized way.
I was lagging behind because of poor communication skills.
Monthly turnover of Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1 lac.
My thinking horizon has widened & opened new doors of successful, happy & enjoyable professional life.
Now I am time conscious & working in organized way by using effective time management.
Now I can interact with groups & I can approach different companies to take new risks & challenges.
After THE SUCCESS HIGHWAY monthly turnover has gone to Rs. 3 lacs.
Asif Shaikh,
Profession: Director, Organization: Sahayog Marketing pvt. ltd.
Before: NET, SET, GO…
Doing business in unorganized way & was not sure about how to develop business.
I was always under tremendous stress & having negative traits also.
I was unaware about my hidden talents in marketing field.
My yearly turnover was Rs. 3 crore.
After: NET, SET, GO…
Prepared a strategy for developing the business & improved my business perspective.
Now as a person I have become calm, composed & relaxed.
Now I recognized my worth which helped me to boost-up my company’s Net-worth.
Now just in a short span, I have done business of Rs. 1 crore.
Mr. Marathe,
Profession: Teacher & Head of Technical Dept.
Organization: Shardashram Vidyamandir, Dadar
Many of our students had lot of fear before taking any assignment & Exam fear too.
Few students were not ready to take any initiative.
They had some difficulties to understand the concepts at the beginning because of less concentration.
Now they are mentally ready to take any challenging target.
Art of memorizing every chapter of syllabus and Unique Revision Art are really excellent and helped our students to improve their grades in exam.
The techniques in this course really helped our students at different ways to increase their memory comprehension.
They really enjoyed it and found the techniques in the course some of the best that they have ever learnt.
Overall it is a skilful programme for students which cover every aspect of study. Students really need these techniques even if they get “Subject Coaching” at school.
Great job…Mr. Sunil & his team and keep up the good work. Wish you all the success.
Dominic Fernandes,
Profession: Teacher & Author, Organization: Fernandez Institute
I have read few books on memory and aware about the topic. But before I signed up for the course for my students and faculties, I was little bit sceptical about the practical use of it.
Students always had a tough time to remember English vocabulary.
For poor results students often used to make excuses that they had weak memory.
Now I believe that ATM can surely provide rescue to those students who are under pressure of examination.
This course helped our students to improve their concentration and gave them a proven system for retaining vast amounts of information.
My faculties can teach their subject to the students along with the techniques.
ATM helped our students to realize that they are more capable than they think.
Vocabs technique is a magic genie. It improved their self confidence in interviews and group discussion.
This workshop is well based on scientific research and does differ from other system because it is completely study oriented.
So if someone is interested in taking their memories to great levels, this course should be taken without second thought.
Mayur Devalekar,
son of Ex-Mayor Devalekar , Profession: Businessman
I was happy before signing up for this course for students & parents of my society as I always like to organize educational programme in the interest of students so they can acquire new skills.
We were expecting & insisting our students to remember something but never told them how.
Although our students study in good schools, they were unaware about memory technique.
Any time memory taught our students how to remember systematically, scientifically & permanently.
It is powerful & practical workshop. After joining this course they are seeing changes in them. The techniques they learnt to improve the memory-power, mother of memory, concentrate in the studies are amazing.
ATM didn’t only help our students to enhance their memory but also increased their willingness to study & know more, as now everything is just so easy for them.
Altogether it is dynamic course with which one can use the optimum capacity of memory.
In my more than forty years in education, I've never seen a memory course as uniquely well- designed as this one. This course is the best thing that ever happened to me & all students of my society. A definite thumbs up from me.